Live - photography in nostalgic design including instant photo-printing within 20 seconds - fascinating entertainment in the twenties-style

for all kinds of events:

  • Business-meeting
  •  Charleston-Party
  • Welcome-act
  • Exhibition booth stand act
  • entertainment while evening event

The use of an original camera built 1910 is unique as well as the our historic printing-machine. The pictures are produced within seconds in KODAK quality. Also our team is dressed in classic costumes.

Your Guests can be dressed with accessories like hats and scarfs to make the impression of old pictures perfect. The old-style look of the pictures is created by our special digital process.

Also modern color pictures can be produced in sides 10 x 15 or 15 x 20 cm.

A text and a company logo can also be displayed in the picture.

The whole act can be arranged individual to the clients needs to fit into every setting.

We also offer blue-screen and photo-keying effects if needed to build in an individual background.


Bonsoir, the artists of Service Royal offer you a hearty welcome!

You invite - we entertain your guests.
With Service Royal we present a first-rate comedy program to firms, event organizers, and also private customers. In addition to excellent service, we of course offer entertainment at the highest level.

Treating your guests like royalty requires a total mastery of the theatrical arts. Our performers are professional comedians, artistes, magicians, singers and actors¯their range of skills guarantees excellent entertainment. These professionals offer witty improvisatory theater in the tradition of Keith Johnstone, close-up comedy, role-playing and magic.

During the initial reception, the artists of the Service Royal team cooperate with the "real" personnel to serve champagne or aperitifs. With a whiff of French train de vie (lifestyle) and a dash of nineteen-twenties flair, we stand ready to greet your "blue-blooded" guests in grand style.

Upon request, we can usher the guests  into the ballroom or offer assistance in seat selection. Over the course of the dinner, the team from Service Royal entertains one and all through close-up comedy, table magic and short sketches¯taking literally the motto "The Customer is King."

Tactfulness, knowledge of human nature, and many years of experience as close-up artists characterize Service Royal. After consultation with the host or event organizer, the buffet can be opened or the courses of the meal announced from onstage. The entrées are served to the sounds of Mozart at the signal "Entrez et servez!"

Neither intrusive nor impolite behavior may be found anywhere in the program. Of course gentle jokes are made about others. These rules apply to all your guests, whether employees or executives; our comedians have a long history of providing top entertainment to prominent personalities.

Since many of our artist-waiters have a background in variety theater and opera, it is possible to include fascinating vaudeville acts in your gala, as well as beautiful singing in various musical styles. We also often assume responsibility for moderating the evening or announcing speakers and program points.

Number of artists: According to the size of the event and number of guests, from one to twelve.
Number of guests: 4 - 4000.
Languages: German, English, additional languages upon agreement.
Performance Length: Up to three hours, from the initial reception to the onstage finale and subsequent announcement of the dessert.

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